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Cleaning the Windows

Employment Agency 
"Cinderella" Cenicienta - AC


Our company 

Our company has been providing services to those wishing to improve their beauty and health for several years, and also helps to ensure the adaptation, work and household arrangements of people in the Kingdom of Spain

With our help, direct contacts of employees with potential employers are realized for the most complete consideration of mutual interests


Our services

Selection of domestic staff and teachers

We will select for you a housekeeper, a nanny, a governess, a nurse, a cook, a gardener, a driver, a Spanish tutor, teachers for additional classes and other employees

We will help to conclude an employment contract if necessary 

Housekeeping, cleaning services in Barcelona and surroundings 

Cleaning your office, house, or apartment before your arrival, cleaning after repairs, general cleaning, window washing, disinfection, disinsection, etc. 

Master for an hour

The master will connect appliances for an hour, assemble furniture, solve problems with plumbing, electrical, make minor repairs around the house in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Departure of the master includes 3 hours of work, and additional time of work is paid separately

Escort to administrative institutions and medical centers

Escort to administrative institutions (consulates, city hall, police, banks, etc.) and medical centers with simultaneous translation from Spanish into Russian and from Russian into Spanish. 

Thanks to this, you will be able to correctly and timely complete the necessary documents and get a positive result from your visits.

Individual consultations and information support

An individual approach to each applicant, taking into account the best personal and professional qualities

Transfer of utilities to the name of the new owner or tenant

You have rented or purchased Spanish real estate and the primary task is to register and transfer all utility bills in your name: gas, electricity, water. We will help you to draw up contracts for utilities correctly and in the best possible way.

Photographers Service

Drawing up a resume with photography and portfolio design for presentation to potential employers.


All memorable and significant events of your life can be recorded by our photo-video master with solid experience and appropriate equipment using an impressive photo carousel and video clips

Computer help 

Our specialists will assist in setting up and repairing computers and tablets, installing antivirus and other programs, connecting devices, a router, getting rid of annoying ads. Help with choosing and buying various gadgets

Creation of sites, flyers, installation of various types of advertising, including targeted ones. Departure of a specialist at home includes 3 hours of work, each additional hour is paid separately

Short term accommodation

Short-term accommodation of persons who arrived for consultations at various institutions and in order to get acquainted with the sights of the city and its environs

Psychological help

Psychological help in stressful situations. Eniostyle analysis




The office of the employment agency "Cinderella" Cenicienta (AC) is located in the location of the salon "ASTRA" Аstra


Carrer de Huelva 111, Local 8, Metro San Marti, 08020, Barcelona 


930 325 689

722 520 729

670 595 693


Monday - Saturday 

10.00 - 20.00


I work remotely with irregular working hours, which is sorely lacking. Therefore, I needed help. I was quickly and easily helped to find a professional housekeeping assistant. Now I have time for work and for myself.


I became seriously ill and needed urgent medical care, but could not find qualified specialists. The escort quickly and competently resolved the situation, since she herself is a health worker and knows specific medical terminology. Now I'm fine.


I needed a new personal computer as I am an autonomo.
An employee of the company helped me choose a cool Lenovo computer and at a reasonable price. I also installed the necessary software. My business is progressing.  ¡¡¡Muchas Gracias!!!


My husband was in a serious condition for a long time. A nurse from Ukraine patiently and conscientiously helped with his care. At the same time helping me with housekeeping. She helped us get through a difficult time in our lives. Jakuyu
“Thanks to the company's employees, we were able to properly process the paperwork for obtaining legalization in Spain. We received local documents and opened our own business that survived even during the pandemic. You can trust them and use the services offered"


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